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Client Testimonials

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"Good quality service and extremely professional nurses"

Direct Nursing Services have provided care staff for my clients for over two years. I have greatly valued the professional and efficient service of the staff at DNS and their efforts to recruit the right care staff for my clients. The office based staff have taken on board all requests and worked well with the care teams to address specific client needs. I would not hesitate in recommending the DNS Group for your community care needs.

Alan - Powys

"A professional and efficient service"

We used DNS because a CEO in another Organisation told us that they work. We tried them on the strength of that and were very impressed. No pretence, no empty promises, they are just like us – they just got in and worked hard at delivering what we had asked. I was impressed by the effort that went into getting to know who we were as an Organisation, rather than making assumptions, and finding the right person accordingly.

Dave O'Connor

"No pretence, no empty promises"

In all my dealings with DNS, I have always had professional, courteous and prompt responses. DNS have always considered our requests and are consistent with their approach and delivery of a good quality service and extremely professional nurses. I am happy to continue using DNS to fill my requirements.

Jane Jones

Nurse & HCSW Testimonials

Read feedback from our Nurses and HCSW's below:

"immeasurable support"

DNS are very supportive....recognition to all staff especially Rebecca the registered manager.....immeasurable support when needed

Faye band 5


"I just wanted to thank you all for your support and understanding and even chats when I've needed someone in the last 6 months or so"

I just wanted to thank you all for your support and understanding and even chats when I've needed someone in the last 6 months or so...... who was just able not only to listen and empathize when I've phoned in...... The last six months has been extremely difficult.......You all might wonder why I work with all this going on but it's because I love my job , my colleagues and most of all with the help of dns...... So I'll end now with a big thank you for being so supportive.......... I've sent you a little something in the post which I hope you will like Please can this be shared with the team and management for you all to know of my appreciation. Xx

Fulltime band 5 nurse Hayley




















"flexible and allowed for a good work life balance."

I've been working for direct nursing services for a long time and have nothing but good things to say about them. As a mother with two children it was important to find employment that was flexible and allowed for a good work life balance. In addition to the flexibility, the weekly pay makes it much easier to budget and plan. No more worries. The office staff are helpful often going above and beyond to make sure you have all the shifts you need and to the best of their abilities to help resolve any problems/issues. They are always welcoming when you go in to see them. Like an extension to my family, I'm so proud to say I work for them.

Lea Marvelley

"always there to help"

The job is good DNS are good to work for i like how the work life balance is fantastic and how supportive office and Management are always there to help

Sandra Smith HCSW Swansea

"Rewarding pay"

Hi my name is Marcia I am presently working at direct nursing services. I have worked for Direct nursing numerous of years now. I have progressed from qcf2 To health care 3, progressed with all healthcare innovative training with direct nurses themselves. ALL TEAM. Warm friendly staff is always on hand whatever the query or offload of our healthcare challenges day to day. Excellent variety of work from .hospitals nursing homes. residential and one to one support from .learning difficult IES and support from home. Good rewarding pay . quality by time to work around families. join our excellent team .Best agency in nursing healthcare

Marcia Imola HCSW

"easy to make some last minute pay for unexpected events in life"

I started working for direct nursing services a number of years ago with a goal of earning some extra money on top of monthly salary, however not only have I been able to earn more but I have also had opportunities to develop my skills with regular training and have developed good working relationships with all the staff at the agency. The team are supportive and working for direct nursing services has had a positive impact upon our family life by allowing me to work hours that suit me and hours that work around our family commitments. Throughout my time of working for direct nursing services I have also felt well supported on a personal level. Another positive of working for the agency is that the pay is weekly and therefore it is easy to make some last minute pay for unexpected events in life, for example, paying for last minute family days out or Christmas presents.

Lee Robinson hcsw


"I wish I had joined DNS sooner"

I've worked for DNS since 2012. There is plenty of work close to home, and the weekly pay always helps. I book my shifts around my family life, and I am still able to look after my granddaughters so my daughter can work too. Agency work really suits me, it is so flexible and I enjoy the work I do. I have support from the office staff to book work, and training courses are readily available. I wish I had joined DNS sooner when my children were small rather than struggle with childcare.

Lesley Morris

"The office staff are always so friendly"

I have been working for Direct nursing services for a number of years now, I couldn’t imagine working for anyone else! I have the freedom to pick and choose my own working hours and gives me the flexibility I need to balance my work and family life. I was always missing out on special occasions before because of work commitments, but since Joining DNS I don’t have to, I simply put in my availability and they send me the shifts to match. One of my biggest fears joining a agency was, Am I going to get enough work hours? The answer is yes! I always have more than enough work, The booking system is really easy to use and the medic master is there so you can keep track and book your own shifts if necessary. The office staff are always so friendly, I never worry about phoning them with any problems or Issues I might have. I have really enjoyed working for DNS the last few years and look forward to lots more. Haley Evans

Haley Evans HCSW

"I feel very privileged to be employed by such a fantastic agency. "

I can’t fault you as an agency. I’ve always had considerable amounts of work and I continue to enjoy my work. You guys in the office have been so supportive over the years and I feel very privileged to be employed by such a fantastic agency.

James Blackman

"wondering why I didn't do it earlier"

I have been with DNS for a while now, originally alongside my contracted role. I was extremely nervous when considering committing to full time agency. I have now made the change to full-time DNS and now wondering why I didn't do it earlier. My work life balance is completely different to the point I am actually working more as the flexibilty works for me. Being able to plan and choose shifts in areas where I love to work. Even down to the regular weekly pay. The support from the staff in the office is great and are there at anytime. I certainly recommend this path if you are looking for flexibility and work life balance. Michelle Cartledge

Michelle Cartledge

"My mental health has improved dramatically"

I have been with DNS for 7 years. They have been fantastic to work for, provided great training and the support I've had has been outstanding! My mental health has improved dramatically. Since having my daughter, my partner and I, who is also full-time with DNS, are able to split childcare, meaning we are home more for her and have lots of family time. I cannot recommend DNS enough! Charly Hunter

Charlotte Hunter

"freedom to work when you want"

I have worked for DNS for nearly 5 years now, 2.5 of which has been on a full time basis. The pro’s of agency working is the flexibility and freedom to work when you want, where you want to suit the needs of you and your family. The rates of pay are good with numerous golden tickets/bonuses added throughout the year. I have never not been able to find a shift when I have wanted to work. I find DNS an excellent employer who look after their staff well. Training opportunities are plentiful and the staff are friendly and approachable. As a result of this I have recommended DNS to my friends and previous work colleagues, many of whom have now joined the team as agency nurses! kind regards Helen Shankland Registered Nurse

Helen Shankland

"pay is weekly which is great"

I joined Direct Nursing Services in 2018 and picked up occasionally shifts on top of my NHS contract, fast forward to today, I’ve now been working full time for DNS for 2 months and only regret not doing it sooner! The ability to book my own shifts gives me more freedom, by choosing where and when to work! I work more hours in a week than I ever did, but I simply put this down to the fact that I’m enjoying work again, going to different wards/units and having a variety in my shifts. Working full time for DNS has also helped with work related anxiety due to the stress of my previous job, I noticed a difference immediately and feel confident in my choice to purely work for an agency. I get to work as part of many different teams and feel appreciated by the staff there and by the team I’m the office. I don’t pass the office often so all of my communication is by phone, but the booking system is brilliant and so easy to use and pay is weekly which is great. If any issues arise the DNS team are just a phone call away, and they’re all a friendly bunch and have always been so helpful! Thank you DNS. Fern Osborne

Fern Osborne

"I took out a good sickness protection plan"

Hi Team. I just want to say thank you for being my work family. I left my post in the NHS 7 years ago to do full time agency after doing agency part time for 2 years along with a part time NHS contract for 2 years prior to this. So I have been an Agency nurse for 9 years now initially part time then full. Going full time with the Agency honestly is the best move I ever made. I decided to make the move when my eldest daughter emigrated to Australia as I knew traveling would be difficult if I was tied to any contract. It was the best move I ever made. I have had so much flexibility this has enabled me to visit my family in Oz on many occasions over the years for as many weeks as I wanted, of course this was due to the joy and the flexibility that Agency work gives us. I was scared at first due to I expect questions that most of ask when considering full time agency? What if I can't find work? what if I am sick? What if I need a loan or mortgage? What about training and revalidation? And what if I become lonely with not being a part of a team? I personally found all my concerns a myth as I took out a good sickness protection plan but thankfully I've only needed to use this once due to the flexibility of my work load. I have always had the support of the Admin and Co ordination team who have always able to match my availability to work I've never been short of work. I have had no problem over the years gaining finance as the companies tend to go on pay slips supplied by the agency and your P60. I have always found the agency wages department spot on and the weekly pay is definitely a plus I love it. The team are always supportive with my training requirements and I've also had tons of support and Completed the dreaded Revalidation twice now since taking the full time agency leap with no issues at all. I must say that I've never felt more part of a team since joining up full time with the agency well I consider it a work family really we have a couple of WhatsApp groups that we can catch up and compare notes and I find this helpful. Most full time agency nurses I feel do have a regret on leaving the NHS and all seem to have the same one as me. "I regret the fact I didn't take the leap of faith and do it much sooner" Its not even the wages or financial benefit that is of paramount importance to me. For money can't buy you the joy of flexibility, the joy of never having to miss out on family events because you get to choose the hours, when and where you work. Thank you team. RN Steph King

Stephanie King

"best decision I ever made"

I left the nhs almost 4 years ago to work for DNS and it’s probably the best decision I ever made! Working for DNS gives me the flexibility to work around my family commitments and I now have a much better work life balance, I can choose when and where I work and the portal which facilitates this is really easy to use. There’s always plenty of courses available online and in classroom settings in order to be able to re validate. The staff in the office are friendly and really helpful and happy to sort out any issues you may have. A real bonus is having weekly pay too! I’ve never looked backed, come and work for DNS , you won’t regret it! Lisa Metcalf RGN

Lisa Metcalfe

"better family life"

I am an A&E Nurse and have worked for DNS, full time, for the last two years. Having worked through the pandemic, I have found DNS incredibly supportive, both as an employee and as an individual. Working for DNS has given me a better family life, meaning I can spend more time with my daughter and partner. The support, care and compassion I have had from the whole team has been fantastic, and I cannot thank them enough. Jon Talbot

Jonathan Talbot

"Ive never looked back!"

I Joined with DNS three years ago after 22 years of Nursing, I’ve never looked back!! DNS gives me so much more than my old contract ever offered me. I am in charge of choosing my assignments, wards , days off holiday entitlement to suit ME and my family. I no longer have to miss out on events and days out with my friends as I do my own ‘Off Duty’. It gives you control over your work /life balance. My Health has never been better since joining DNS and I’ve made so many new friends along the way with amazing stories of their DNS Journey. The DNS Team are 100% with you, they are always friendly, supportive, and happy to help you with any problems you may have. Everything is dealt with professionally and in confidence. They offer a range of training days and online learning that will support your CPD. I’m very happy with DNS and would highly recommend them to anyone considering joining. It will probably be the best decision you’ll ever make. Best Wishes and Good Luck, Letitia Marie Jones. RGN. Carmarthenshire South Wales.

Letitia Marie Jones























"Absolutely brilliant"

Best move i've ever made, there are plenty of shifts available

michelle band 5

"best move i've ever made coming to DNS"

best move i've ever made coming to DNS

Band 5 Swansea

"Awesome company, worked with DNS for 4 yrs..."

Awesome company, worked with DNS for 4 yrs, never pull a sickie, love Visiting work places, that's what I call work visiting the places and people that have pulled on my heart strings, I do work, but visiting is my job xxxxx

Karen W, Swansea

"They have always given me plenty of work..."

have worked for direct nursing services for 16 years they have always given me plenty of work just done a 51 hour week could have done more could have done less the choice is mine and they are always offering you study days best nursing agency all staff are friendly and the boss is fab and very supportive.

M Watkins, Swansea

"Brill company, love working for them!"

Been working in the care sector for 30 years but wished I worked for this company years ago , brill company love working for them ,always plenty of work , staff friendly and professional and got great staff working for them hope to remain part of their team for many years to come.

Sharon C, Swansea

"With DNS the money is good."

With DNS the money is good. But, that's not the only reason why I feel committed to work for them. Life is NOT always about money, but it is also about feeling valued, appreciated, respected, acknowledged, enhanced and incorporated in a bigger picture. Being part of DNS feels like having an extended family. Choosing to be part of DNS was one of the best choices I have ever made.

Fran R, Swansea

"Without a doubt the best company I've worked for."

Without a doubt the best company I've worked for. The hours are flexible and the pay is fab! Most of all my colleagues are amazing. Having lost my grandfather last week I was overwhelmed by the kindness and support shown by the girls at the office (Lynne and Bec especially who is always there for me). You dont get this kind of support and understanding anywhere else, they are really are wonderful people. Big thank you.

Ema C, Swansea

"Great company to work for!"

I have worked with direct nursing for a few years on a full time basis. What can I say.. great company to work for and very supportive. staff are amazing and friendly and most importantly ... always shifts available and the staff really work hard together you what shifts you need. super happy staff member. Thank you DNS

Claire H, Swansea

"helped me grow within my role"

I couldn't recommend dns service enough as they have helped me to grow within my role as a hcsw and has opened up so many opportunities for me I am able to to this as working for dns is very flexible so I am able to work around my family's working hours and the rate of pay is very good the office staff are very supportive weather it be a professional or a personal issue they are always there to help and advise me thank you for everything you do for us

Verity, Health care support worker Swansea

"very approachable"

Ive been with dns on and off for 3 years.....the bookings staff and admin staff are brillant....very approachable and understands individuals needs with shifts etc.....if you cancel shifts with enough notice they never hold it against....amazing agency 100% recommended

Gemma, Carer Port Talbot

"staff are very professional and a pleasure to work with"

An amazing Agency that is very professional and able to accommodate the needs of Health care support Workers and registered Nurses, always plenty of work to fit around your life style and the needs of your family. Staff are very professional and a pleasure to work with. The booking system is robust and easy to use. Staff are helpful and accommodating to the needs of their Members. would highly recommend working for them.

Shaun, Swansea

"work to suit my family"

I've worked full time for DNS for over three years and I love the flexibility of being able to pick and choose when I work to suit my family life and partners shifts. The office staff are always friendly, helpful and happy which then rubs off on us

Nerys, HCSW Neath

"i love the fact that work is flexible"

I have worked for the agency for over 6 years as a carer and in the office. I love the fact that work is flexible, and fits around my family life. Everyone I have worked within the agency whether hcsw and nurses have been very experienced and knowledgeable and are always willing to help and guide others to learn, and support others to develop professionally.

Rebecca Whitelock

"Can't wait to get up in the morning for this job"

I really look forwards to coming into work every day. DNS is the best company to work for.

Keiran Russell

"Absolutely brilliant"

I can't imagine working for any other agency.

Rebecca Lewis


This is simply the best place to work. ever.

Dale Russell