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Complete the on line application form, once we have received our copy one of our recruitment consultants will contact you to arrange an interview, usually in a premises conveniently located for the applicant. An e mail confirming what you need to bring with you and confirmation of date ,time and venue will be sent out. If this is inconvenient let us know and we will rearrange.

Our recruitment team will search for the assignments that meets skill and geographical area. At this this stage the nurse will be able to accept or reject the work. If accepted,the nurse will then be responsible for punctually arriving at the clients address, wearing the appropriate uniform and carrying their I.D and timesheets.

We are licenced by the CSSIW. Our members can obtain online training facilities from which is a service that is offered to our staff Free of Charge.

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Customer Service Guide

Direct Nursing Services Ltd are specialists in the provision of qualified nurses and healthcare staff for temporary and permanent placement with NHS Trusts, private hospitals, nursing homes, residential care home, HM Prison Service and private individual clients. We are an established and respected supplier of healthcare staff in the South, Mid and West Wales area and have earned a reputation for a fast, high-quality and helpful healthcare service in meeting the needs of busy healthcare providers for specialist medical and care staff.

Statement of Purpose

The management practices and procedures of Direct Nursing Services Ltd are set out in a comprehensive set of policy documents. These policies ensure that we meet the statutory requirements for running a healthcare agency and address all aspects of staff, managing, caring for our clients and preservation of health & safety standards as appropriate. All of our policies are regularly reviewed to ensure that they remain up to date. Our policies can be accessed via the office during our open hours.

Our Aims & Objectives

  • Direct Nursing Services objective is to provide our clients with appropriately skilled experienced nurses and support workers to deliver a high standard of care.
  • To deliver a fast first-class service to all our clients
  • To provide highly vetted and professional nurses who are able to complement the service of our clients and assist them to deliver the highest standards of patient care.
  • To ensure that all nurses deliver services to the standards laid out by the organisation and its regulatory bodies.
  • To ensure that the service is delivered flexibly, attentively and in non-discriminatory fashion.
  • To ensure that our client needs and values are respected in matters of religion, culture, race or ethnic origin, sexuality and sexual orientation, political affiliation, marital status, age, parenthood and disabilities or impairment.
  • To manage and implement an ongoing process of continual investment and improvement through -out the organisation and with particular emphasis on the selection, recruitment, training and professional development of the nursing age.

DNS Training Courses

Direct Nursing Services work with leading training providers. We offer all our agency nurses the right courses to ensure they are all of the highest standard.

DNS Medic Master

Here at Direct Nursing Services we have our own bespoke, state of the art management system, that we call the “DNS Medic Master”. Boasting features such as ‘Predict a Shift’, ‘Medic Shift Blocker’, ‘KIP Systems & Reports’ and ‘Nurse Continuity Booker’. To find out how the DNS Medic Master will work for you, click below.